Friday, 28 October 2011

The Cult of the Unknown Stuntman

Falling in love with Ryan Gosling is something all good fashionietzsches have recently been going through together. I fell hard, as you will have gathered from my previous post on the film Drive. As one fellow-theorising genius has recently demonstrated, he even makes an adorable feminist.

My 'discovery' of the Gosling charm obviously led to me the rather embarrassing point of ordering his back-catalogue on Amazon. However it reached a low point recently as I found myself half way through the appalling The Notebook, thinking, 'what is wrong with me?'

Well, today, taking a 'break' from writing my first chapter of my PhD thesis, I made a lucky discovery on ITV4 (see above clip). Made in 1981, this hilariously 'hyper-masculine' programme The Fall Guy is based entirely, as the lyrics to the song state, on the 'cult of the unknown stuntman'. The set, the acting and the soundtrack might be radically different to Drive, but there are clear similarities too. The main character is as mysterious, elusive and 'emotionally complex' as the driver in Drive. He even wears an all-American varsity-style jacket.

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