Thursday, 28 May 2009

War is an ugly thing

Another major trend to be constantly re-used and recycled on the catwalk and in fashion editorial is 'military' style fashion. Designers reel this look off so often that I wonder how some of them havent got repetitive strain injury.

I am basing this on nothing more than a general 'feeling', but am pretty sure that most of the British public dont really like war and dont really want to join the army. This is why I cant understand why a revoltingly large proportion of the population get feverishly excited by the presence of 'military fashion' every bloody season. Im no hippy, but the words 'military chic' actually send shivers down my spine.

Nothing strikes the fear of god in me like the image of catwalk models marching down the runway in military jackets and riding boots. Many designers actively evoke this image of 'the last bastion of british imperialism'. I nearly fell off my seat at the militancy of Paul Smith and Jasper Conran's catwalk shows this Feb (but I guess this is positively toned down from the days when their shows were actually held in the Chelsea barracks).

Moreover, and this is the really important thing, the military trend is one I genuinely call into question aesthetically. Take away the ideology behind it and its actually pretty ugly. It is yet another example of the way in which military culture permeates our society to the point were people still get pathetically excited at the concept of war. I think its called a 'pleasure culture of war' by historians, but no one has ever turned to the catwalk for evidence of this.
Miltary outfits are designed to intimidate and threaten. This is quite a disturbing trend for a modern girls look.

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