Thursday, 19 January 2012

Zoot suits

'Zoot suits' by Edward Burra, (1943)

I went to Pallant House today in Chichester to see the Edward Burra exhibition, which is on until the 19 February. I loved this picture called "Zoot Suits". The accompanying text at the exhibition stated:

"Zoot Suits refer to the Harlem style suits with padded shoulders, 43 inch trousers at the knee and small cuffs and high waistline, worn by West Indian immigrants in London, following the British Nationality Act."

Some further research on Zoot Suits made me stumble across this excellent blog, where I learnt that the zoot suit became a symbol of youthful rebellion in wartime, both in america and europe. According to this other blog, there were even Zoot Suit riots during the second world war.

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